Shoaib Khan

Canadian entrepreneur and philanthropist

Shoaib Khan believes that giving back is the starting point for transformative change. He believes in giving without limit, giving talents and resources beyond the conventional scope of philanthropy. His initiatives focus on empowerment — a gift of skills, resources and educational support that makes individuals the stewards of their own destiny.

He believes that human rights and social justice are an important part of the solution to the needs his charitable ventures seek to address. He knows that in fair, equitable societies there is no end to the progress that can be made in education, health care, infrastructure and economic development.

The world of philanthropy is populated by many idealists, but Shoaib Khan makes dreams real by applying a wide range of skills he acquired across decades of experience. He provides the vision, and also the financial, organizational and strategic resources that ensure the real-world success of each charitable initiative.

In the pages of this website, Shoaib Khan invites you to learn more, and join him in doing more. The needs and opportunities are immense, but the rewards are even greater. The time to act? It’s now. The place to start? At the beginning, with a determined focus on the most critical needs.
As the ancient philosopher Laozi once advised: “Do the difficult things while they are easy, and do the great things while they are small.”