Shoaib Khan works on an international scale to bring change to people in need in many developing nations. The foundation of his charitable achievements is his success across a broad range of industries. In 1999 he founded Toronto-based Clearoute, with the goal of providing customized consulting services to business owners and managers, including performance marketing, branding, sales, finance and technology and innovation.

Clearoute acts as a strategic ally, lifting businesses to higher levels of efficiency and profitability. As CEO, he provides the vision, drive and creative spirit that underlies the company’s success.

Shoaib Khan takes a panoramic view of business opportunities, while also focusing on the key details of business operations, such as design, project management, business development, sales, marketing, revenue management, financing, technology and customer service. He leads companies to greater achievement within their industries by generating new ideas, tactics and strategies that grow revenue and capture market share.

As founder and Chairman of the Board for the international relief organization Humaniti, he helps improve the lives of people across the globe, providing needed aid and assistance to struggling populations and communities . Humaniti is committed to advancing human rights, social justice and empowering individuals by providing them with the resources and skills they need to rise above circumstances and achieve greatness.

“Together, we will continue to strive for a world brimming with hope, love, and boundless possibilities,” Shoaib Khan noted at Humaniti’s founding in 2016.

In many developing nations, Humaniti works in the trenches, delivering critical support in the community, in the school and in the home. Powered by idealism, the charity draws added strength from the operational efficiencies and practical business perspective Shoaib Khan contributes to its mission.

Earlier in his career, Shoaib Khan founded The Good Group, which focused on teaching and promoting financial independence and business creation, as well as educational and professional achievement.

Leading Clearoute

As founder and CEO, Shoaib Khan’s leadership has raised Clearoute Inc. to prominence in Canada’s competitive digital consulting sector. Since its founding in 1999, the company has become experienced and innovative in the disciplines of online branding and technology-based marketing, in many cases guiding businesses from startup all the way to established global enterprise.

With over 25 years of experience, Shoaib Khan has harnessed his professional expertise and foresight to grow the company. Under Khan’s leadership, Clearoute has become proficient in the art of brand transformation, helping businesses evolve into purpose-driven, profitable entities with clear messaging. He has fostered a culture of continuous improvement and rapid adaptability—essential qualities in this era, where innovation is lightning-quick and competition is as cutthroat as at any time in the history of business.

Shoaib Khan’s vision is informed by a keen understanding of market dynamics and consumer behaviour, allowing Clearoute to stay one step ahead of new industry trends and deliver custom-tailored solutions that resonate with the target audiences of their clients. Khan’s philosophy of marketing is rooted in the belief that a brand must not only stand out but also stand for something. This ethos of purpose-driven branding permeates the hallways and boardrooms of Clearoute, separating them from their industry rivals. By focusing on the core values and central missions of each of the businesses it serves, Clearoute crafts narratives that elevate brands beyond mere products or services.

At Clearoute, Khan has built an environment that thrives on creativity, innovation, and collaboration. He recognizes that the best solutions tend to emerge from the collective intelligence of a diverse and inclusive team. Because of this open approach, Clearoute has been at the forefront of integrating cutting-edge technologies such as AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics into its service offerings.

As Canada’s digital branding and technology-based marketing landscape continues to evolve, Shoaib Khan’s leadership ensures that Clearoute remains agile and relevant, consistently delivering high-quality work to its clients.