About Clearoute Inc.

Founded by noted Canadian entrepreneur and humanitarian Shoaib Khan in 1999, Clearoute Inc. is a leading consulting agency based in Toronto, Ontario. Over the past quarter century, Clearoute has proven itself to be a reliable partner for businesses of all sizes, from startups to multinational corporations. The agency specializes in high-performance marketing, branding, technological innovations, as well as a broad range of other consulting services aimed at helping its clients navigate the complexities of the modern market and drive growth.

Purpose and Approach

Clearoute Inc. offers custom-tailored solutions that help businesses thrive in the present era of rapid technological advancements and ever-shifting customer needs. The agency’s central mission is to help its clients transform complicated challenges into straightforward solutions, whether that involves entering new markets, increasing sales, or aiding in the development of innovative products or services.

Services Offered

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Consulting: Clearoute provides expert guidance to help businesses devise and implement solutions that address their specific goals. The company’s consulting division specializes in brand development, performance marketing, technological innovation, and financial planning.

Sales Strategy and Optimization

Clearoute creates targeted sales strategies designed to drive growth. The company’s services include market analysis, sales process optimization, digital marketing, lead generation, sales funnel optimization, customer relationship management (CRM), and team training.

Digital Marketing and E-Commerce

Clearoute excels in enhancing the online profiles and boosting the e-commerce sales of its clients. Some of the techniques employed by the agency include targeted advertising, conversion rate optimization, and deep market research.

Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Content Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

By blending compelling content with search engine optimization (SEO), Clearoute increases the visibility of its clients, ensuring they are easily found by their target audience.

Performance Advertising

Performance Advertising

Using data-driven insights, Clearoute crafts and deploys impactful advertising campaigns across what it deems to be the most appropriate platforms for each of its clients, ensuring optimal return on ad spend (ROAS).

Social Media Marketing and Management

Social Media Marketing and Management

Clearoute leverages the world’s most popular social media channels to create content, manage interactions, and build strong communities around each of its clients.

Fundraising and Capital Campaigns

Fundraising and Capital Campaigns

Utilizing Clearoute’s extensive fundraising and capital generation network, the agency helps businesses secure the financial resources they need to succeed and scale.

Our Philosophy and Culture

From the very inception of the Clearoute, founder Shoaib Khan’s business philosophy has emphasized purpose-driven branding, which focuses on making brands stand out by standing for something meaningful. This approach flows through the company as a whole, guiding the decision-making of each team member, and, in fact, deserves a large amount of the credit for Clearoute securing contracts with renowned global corporations such as Google, Sony, Pepsi, Walmart, Nestle, Warner Brothers, Lindt, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and General Motors.

Moreover, Clearoute is built on a collaborative and inclusive culture. CEO and agency head Shoaib Khan believes that the best solutions come from diverse perspectives and a collective intelligence wherein the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Khan also acknowledges that the company’s dedication to fostering creativity and innovation among its employees has been critical to its numerous achievements.

As Clearoute celebrates its 25th anniversary throughout the duration of 2024, it continues to pride itself on delivering innovative solutions to all manner of business challenges. The first 25 years was just the beginning.